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easyGuide print

prepares the directions ready for printing. Alternatively, it can also be saved as a PDF document. The starting point and destination are clearly marked. The route is divided into logical sections – each step is described with visual and textual instructions. The QR code allows you to transfer the route description to your mobile device.


easyGuide print works both as a standalone application and as an extension to the easyGuide web application in the form of a print button.

Start and/or destination point, as well as language preselection can be defined via URL parameters. In this way, for example, the reception at the entrance can be specified as the starting point, in order to be able to create the appropriate expression for visitors immediately after naming the destination.

The name of the app (e.g. “Wegweiser Flughafen Hamburg”) is placed centrally at the top and informs the user at a glance the purpose of the application.

A name for the browser window and the headline of the web app can be set freely and independently of each other.

The selection menu for the starting point is deliberately different from the destination selection. For example, with a quick selection for all main entrances. Categories are typically subdivided by location (e.g. “Children’s clinic > 2nd floor”) rather than by need.

For each search category, the number of associated destinations is displayed. In this way, the user immediately gets an impression of the scope of offers for their needs (e.g. how many restaurants there are in a shopping mall).

First to the ATM, from there a coffee at Starbucks and then to the post office…

Each point can be defined as a starting point or destination – even across buildings.

The print output is optimized for A4 paper size. The print preview takes the page output into account so that the printout actually corresponds to the preview.

The pages are numbered to always guarantee a clear overview of the total number and order of the way steps.

The total length and duration to the destination, as well as for each path section (e.g. per floor) are shown to give the user an additional impression of the route.

Product name, version number and manufacturer information are stored in order to be able to quickly provide appropriate assistance in case of support requests.

The version used and the manufacturer are displayed.

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