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The digitization of public administration is starting on site at the Ordnance and Citizens’ Office in Karlsruhe. Since November 2017, visitors here have been guided to their appointments via a digital guidance system. For appointment invitations, the visitor can directly open the location information of the room on his smartphone or on the web. Within the building, the visitor is navigated from the entrance to the room. An animated path from the entrance to the room shows the way across floors on the building map. The directions can also be printed out at home or at the reception desk.

easyGuide kiosk ‘business’: Demo
easyGuide mobile: Demo

“It became increasingly difficult to guide customers,” explains project manager Siham Skocic from the Organization staff unit of the Karlsruhe Office of Public Order and Citizenship. “The analog wayfinding system with signage and floor markings was too inflexible for this and also no longer up to date. We wanted an attractive digital solution.”

Siham Skocic, Organization Staff Unit , Karlsruhe Public Order Office