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Since September 2015, visitors to the MARSTALL shopping center in Ludwigsburg have not only been treated to a completely new look with reference to the location’s historical roots – because Marstall once referred to the ducal horse stables and belonged to Ludwigsburg Palace.

The center welcomes its visitors with a spectacular 3D wayfinding system that guides them through the 25,700-square-meter architectural masterpiece to more than 70 specialty stores, cafés and restaurants. Interactive kiosk systems allow destinations to be selected using the map, menu or virtual keyboard. The 3D route display can be switched between two different perspectives and a barrier-free route can be selected. Via smartphone, the paths can also be taken. Simply scan the QR code and off you go.

easyGuide kiosk ‘business’: Demo
easyGuide mobile: Demo
easyGuide web: Demo