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In September 2014, the LP12 Mall of Berlin opened its doors in the heart of Berlin and is one of Germany’s largest shopping centers. In collaboration with ECE flatmedia, 3d-berlin introduced an interactive 2D wayfinding system there in November 2016, offering visitors the opportunity to explore the mall and over 300 destinations on nine consoles and 70″ portrait screens. With the help of the map, the virtual keyboard and the categories, visitors can find out about the wide range of products and services on offer and have the route to their desired destination displayed step by step on the map. A special feature of this easyGuide application adjusts the map to the user’s viewing direction, making it easier to find one’s way around the mall. And anyone who wants to take the route to their destination with them can simply scan the QR code and have it displayed on their smartphone. The application was relaunched and modernized in 2021.

easyGuide kiosk ‘retail’: Demo
easyGuide mobile: Demo