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Itzehoe Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Schleswig-Holstein and an academic teaching hospital of Christian Albrechts University in Kiel, the University of Lübeck and the University of Hamburg. Using QR codes on analog stelae and site plans, visitors can scan their current location and get step-by-step directions to any destination on their smartphone. The keyword search facilitates destination finding. Integrated on the UKE website, patients and visitors can get an overview from home, search for destinations and even print out the routes.

easyGuide kiosk ‘business’: Demo
easyGuide mobile: Demo
easyGuide web: Demo
easyGuide web: Demo

“The satisfaction towards the wayfinding system is great. It is also positive to note that the service on their part is fast and friendly. It should be emphasized that the reception finds the wayfinding system very helpful, as they have to give directions more often. In the future, we would like to install QR codes throughout the house and hope to gain even more acceptance and attention for the system.”

Johannes Burk, Information Technology Officer